Case Study: Igniting Change with Dragon360

How Webjogger restabilized Dragon360’s IT environment, enabled seamless transitions, and reduced the company’s IT costs.

The Client

Founded as a search agency in Kingston, NY, in 2007, Dragon360 is now a full-service digital agency with team members around the world. Dragon’s purpose is to enrich the lives of its partners and customers, Dragon staff and the local community by putting people first — from the company’s strategic and creative approach to work to cultivating a culture of respect and selflessness.

The Challenge

Dragon was concerned about aging IT infrastructure, network bandwidth limitations, the departure of an on-staff IT manager, and the response time and quality of service delivered by its third-party IT provider.

The Solution

Since 2018, Webjogger has provided continuous monitoring, implemented an alert and ticketing system, responded immediately to technical issues, enforced quality of service and traffic shaping rules, provided proactive future-tech recommendations and continually fine tuned Dragon360 systems.

“We’ve been working with Webjogger for more than a decade. Why? For peace of mind, knowing they’re always there to support us in all our IT needs.” – Dani Correia, Director of Operations, Dragon 360

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