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There are a number of reasons why your device may be unable to connect to the internet.

  • First, check that you’re connected to the right WiFi network or Ethernet:
    • On Mac OSX, this is in the top right on the toolbar
    • For Windows, this is usually found in the bottom right of the taskbar
  • If the problem is only on a single device, try restarting the device and, if you’re using a wired connection, make sure that the ethernet cable is plugged in
  • Make sure the device isn’t in “Airplane Mode”
  • If many/ all devices are offline, try restarting the router/ firewall and modem
  • If problems persist, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to inquire if there’s a current outage in your area

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First, check that drivers are installed and that the printer is mapped correctly. Some locations use a “department” or “user” code to print. If that’s the case here, add the printer code to Printer Properties or Printing Preferences. Note that setup may vary depending on the printer.

Check to make sure the printer isn’t out of paper or toner. Some printers will allow you to print in greyscale if you’re out of color ink, while others won’t allow you to print at all, even if you’re only printing in black and white.

First, verify that you’re successfully connected to the internet, then make sure the username and password have been entered correctly. These credentials are usually based on the Windows network username and password used to access your office computer, but it’s worth double checking. Many customers also use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for the VPN, so be sure you have your token available if applicable.

Once you’ve verified that your credentials are correct,

  • Try a different network or VPN protocol. Some public WiFi networks may block VPN connections for security reasons
  • If you’re on your home network, your router may not be configured to support VPN connections. For more information, check the documentation for your router and VPN provider
  • Make sure you have the latest version of your VPN software running; out of date software could be preventing access
  • It’s also possible that the VPN server may be down or experiencing technical difficulties. Try connecting to a different server, or contact your VPN provider if you continue experiencing problems.


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Outsourcing IT is a great choice in many circumstances. First, outsourcing IT can be much more cost-effective than hiring someone in-house to handle IT full time. With an outsourced solution, you’re also typically getting access to a team of professionals, rather than one person, at a much lower cost than hiring a full-time employee. This team is often made up of people with a variety of skills and experience.

With an outsourced IT solution like Webjogger, your company is also able to decide on your level of support and the services you need, which is particularly good for small businesses who may not need constant IT support.

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