Phone & Voice Systems

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Seamless communication for your entire team

Webjogger can install and maintain modern phone systems that work for your team and your customers. Page the cubicle around the corner and your boss’ office, or put remote workers one step closer to the team by allowing them to use their own phones and appear to be at the office. With systems built to your team and company’s specific needs, even if the Internet is down, your phones won’t be.


Modern phone systems that use the Internet, instead of old copper phone lines. VoIP is often a more cost-effective choice for many businesses, and can be installed locally in your building or remotely.

A phone server at your building that allows for communication between desks or offices, even if the Internet is down.

A cloud-based phone server (PBX) that allows remote workers to connect to a company cloud for phone service, making them appear to be at the office, even if they’re at home.

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